Hymn of Feats

Within the place of discovery, beauty, and serenity
Dwells a beacon of hopes and dreams
For young learners who yearn to succeed.
DepEd Baybay your toils and victories
Etched in the hearts of your heirs
Up to next generation to come
It will remain through eternity.

Hail DepEd Baybay City Division
Our blissful seat of education;
In words and deeds,
We sing you the hymn of feats
To honor God, our Country, and You.
We sail to mobilize your mission
To realize your greatest vision
In making learners love and faithfully
Honor God, our Country and You.

To you we show our gratefulness,
For the gifts of unwav'ring stride
In the midst of trials and plights
We will be strong and steadfast for you.

Repeat Chorus